New to the Alert Program®?
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Over the past two decades, countless parents, teachers, and therapists world-wide have implemented the
Alert Program® with those who are verbal or non-verbal. They found the program to be a practical
approach to support self-regulation for all ages and all types of challenges, including autism and ADD, as
well as those with social, emotional, or other mental health needs.

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  • What is self-regulation?
  • Why the engine analogy?
  • But what if my child doesn’t talk at all or the engine analogy is too abstract?
  • Can I use the Alert Program® with my child who has autism?
  • Is there evidence that the Alert Program® concepts work?
  • Where can I learn more about the program?

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Who can benefit from the Alert Program®?

The Alert Program® is a systematic approach to help children (if they are verbal and can be independent
in self-regulation) or to help team members to be “detectives” to learn how to choose sensory supports (a
sensory diet) needed for an individual’s highest functioning. The Alert Program®’s user-friendly vocabulary and step-by-step process enhances one’s own ability to self-regulate, as well as those we live with or work with. For example:

  • If you are a parent, in this online course you’ll learn how you can help your child be alert and focused at home and school.
  • If you are a teacher or paraprofessional, you’ll learn how to use the program with your class to get your students to an optimal sate for learning,
  • If you are a therapist (OT, PT, SLP, social worker, counselor, psychologist, or other practitioner), you’ll learn ways to work with individuals, small or large groups in therapy sessions,
  • If you are a community provider or mental health worker, you’ll learn options to support those (adults or children) with mental health issues or developmental delays….
  • Then this course is for you! The Alert Program® can help everyone at any age because self-regulation is the basis of all of our goals. We want to set up the nervous system for success so it is in the optimal state for functioning.

We all function best when we are in an optimal state:

Is your engine in high gear right now…. do you feel hyped up or stressed out?

Is your engine in low gear right now?…. do you feel lethargic or like a “couch potato?"

Or is your engine running in a “just right” gear?…. do you feel alert, attentive, and focused?

When we are in an optimal state (alert, attentive, and focused) then it is much easier to learn, work, or play, and interact kindly with our loved ones (and it is even easier to read this page)!

The authors have decades of experience they want to share with you about how they have adapted the Alert Program®....

•for all ages from infants to elders,

•for a wide variety of populations such as those with autism, ADD, FAS, developmental disabilities,  medically fragile, physically impairments, social skill challenges, and mental health issues.

•They have provided Alert Program® consultation in schools (public, charter, and international schools), homes (home schools and family consultations), therapy clinics, college classrooms, skilled nursing facilities, a chronic pain clinic, along with aquatic therapy and camp settings.

•They have assisted students of all ages (preschool, Head Start, elementary, middle, high school), as well as, university staff and administrators, foster care providers, adoptive families, and camp counselors to successfully adapt the Alert Program®.

•In addition, TherapyWorks’ shipping and fulfillment center is based in a high school where students at risk for dropping out of school are learning about the Alert Program® concepts to support their ability to be attentive, alert, and focused to remain in school with the goal of becoming high school graduates, often the first in their families.